April 2018

'QuirkHouse Five' Theatre Crawl
5 Plays, 5 Actors, 5 Writers, 5 Venues, 5 Short Walks
Five very different monologues, performed each day around Bury St Edmunds, followed by all five in one evening the following week.

'The Accidental Satanist' by Joanna Hagan-Young
'An Every Day Tale' by Richard Stainer
'Appointment' by Graham Allum
'Emily's Day' by Art Tanner
'Broken Angel' by John Goldman

Being performed in the afternoons of Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd April, followed by an evening performance of all five at the Bury St Edmunds Constitutional Club on Thursday the 26th April.

More details to follow!

December 2017

'Winter Tails III: Revenge of the Storyteller'
by Jackie Carreira

QuirkHouse Theatre's annual seasonal treat; a selection of magical, profound and somewhat silly animal tales and fables, suitable for all ages!

Bury Free Press Review:

'With all the awful things going on in the world, tonight was a perfect antidote - it really put a smile on my face and the stories were beautiful.'
'We really enjoyed the performance... A refreshing evening of entertainment.'

October 2017

War Poetry Readings

In association with students from Conservatoire East and the charity Walking With the Wounded.

'The Pickwick Papers' Reading

An extract from Dickens' classic. Performed in the Angel Hotel, where Dickens stayed in 1859 and 1861, when he gave lectures at the neighbouring Athenaeum.

July 2017

'QuirkHouse Five' Theatre Crawl

5 Plays, 5 Actors, 5 Writers, 5 Venues, 5 Short Walks
Five very different monologues, performed around Bury St Edmunds.
'Bespoke' by Geoff Barford
'Me-Me the Mime 2' by Alex Griffin
'A New Chapter' by Clare Shaw
'Nothing Like a Dame' by Haydn McCabe
'Ragnarok' by Joanna Hagan-Young

'The most amazing afternoon... The variety of works, written by very different writers, makes for a superbly interesting afternoon and the actors have to be applauded for their portrayal of the various characters. You will go through a range of emotions and have the best conclusion ever... A "hell" of a performance.'
'Thoroughly brilliant..!'
'Well worth going - great fun.'
'Absolutely superb. A real mix of writing and acting styles, all entertaining and thought-provoking. 'Astounding amount of talent ... Wouldn't be at all surprised to see some of these names in lights one day.'
'Fabulous entertainment... Awesome.'

November 2016

'Winter Tails II: Bigger, Funnier, Furrier.' 
by Jackie Carreira

'Winter Tails' was previously such a success in Bury St Edmunds that this season, it was toured. A magical selection of animal tales and fables, suitable for all ages!

'Great fun!'
'A really charming and enjoyable evening - a packed house and appreciative audience. Congrats all round.'
'It was so funny - we laughed from start to finish and can't wait until the next one! Thank you.'

October 2016

'QuirkHouse Five' Theatre Crawl

5 Plays, 5 Actors, 5 Writers, 5 Venues, 5 Short Walks
Five very different monologues, performed each day around Bury St Edmunds:

'Getting a Man In' by Sian Notley 
'Fool' by Art Tanner
'Me-Me the Mime' by Alex Griffin
'Febronia' by Richard Stainer 
'Dustman' by Jackie Carreira 

'I would like to congratulate you on a brilliant idea, very well put on. The writing and acting was superb.'
'I loved the way they were all so different but complimented each other.'
'Such a good idea - a really enjoyable, interesting day!'
'I hope you make this a regular fixture on your calendar!'

April Tour 2016

'Talking in the Library'
by Jackie Carreira 

A moving exploration of literature, literacy and life, set in the library where four disparate characters meet.
'Full of touching observations and warm humour, with an abundance of clever parallels to famous literary pieces, making it a real treat for theatre and literary fans to unpick.'  - Broadway Baby

Some audience reviews:                                                 'A superb play... Lots of humour, pathos and questions to keep you engaged; well worth seeing.'
'A really good play, so well acted... A brilliant performance.' 
'Full of surprises, it made me laugh and it made me cry.'
'Truly stunning.'
A pleasure to see - I enjoyed it immensely.' 
'I highly recommend going to see this fantastic play.'

Autumn Tour 2015

'Head to Head' - an evening of three one-act duologues, including two new works by local writers:

'The Dumb Waiter'  by Harold Pinter
'Body and Soulmates'  by John Gleeson
'An Extraordinary Rendition'  by Richard Stainer

'Thanks to all. The three plays were really well written and performed; I will most definitely be coming to the next show. A big 'yes' from me!'
'All three were excellently performed and directed. I've never seen a Pinter play before but I will go to more in future.'
'Innovative use of sound made the performances very intimate.'

Spring Tour 2015

'The Seventh Train' by Jackie Carreira
A poignant tale of journeys, beginnings and endings.

'I was totally blown away. I wasn't expecting such depth and beauty to the writing.'
'We loved the play; it was very well written with great acting and we're looking forward to the next QuirkHouse production.'
'Now I want to get on the Seventh Train... I could, you know.'

Winter 2014

'Winter Tails' by Jackie Carreira

'I loved the mix of traditional storytelling and creative physical theatre in an intimate space.'
Very good fun with a bit of silliness on top!'

Summer 2014

'Talking In the Library' by Jackie Carreira

'Wow, just wow. If you missed this play, hope that it is performed again and soon. Great and very moving performances and brilliantly written.' 
'Well-written and performed, we enjoyed it immensely.'

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